Typography Day 2016 Poster

Poster for Typography Day 2016 Competition with the theme "Typography and Education"

While designing this poster for Typography Day 2016 and considering it’s theme for this year, “Typography and Education” I thought immediately of the cursive handwriting that was taught to me in elementary school. Unfortunately, this is becoming something of a lost art, as more schools across the United States slowly phase cursive writing out of their curriculum, instead favoring technology and typing classes as an alternative.
Although typing and the printed word are needed to move on with technology, it is scarcely a substitute for the creativity and handywork that goes along with cursive writing. I show this visually by placing my own cursive type directly on top of a san serif typeface, making their similarities and differences very apparent. I also made the cursive wrap around the computer type which enforces the organic quality of the cursive.

I used the phrase “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” which is a pangram, meaning that it uses every letter of the alphabet at least once; this makes it useful as both a typing and writing exercise.  By reversing the phrase, I imply that those who only teach children to type are “lazy dogs” because it is easier to teach people to press labeled buttons rather than to create those letters themselves.
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